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Now you can have your own support center without paying monthly fees.

Do you have plans to increase the Classes till 10th grade?

Yes, by God's will. We increase one grade each year.

Who is the point of contact for the School?

The PR manager will be the point of contact for our school.

When can we meet the teachers to discuss on issues/clarifications regarding the Child's education?

Parents are allowed to meet our teachers on all Saturdays. For on-prior appointments, you can contact 9741122897 and schedule a meeting.

When to keep our Child at Home, or under what circumstances the student might be sent back to their home?

If your Child is ill to an extent that it will be difficult for him or her to participate in the normal day's activities, it is best to keep them at home. In-case your Child gets ill while at school or receives an injury that requires any medical attention, you will be notified immediately. Parents will be immediately notified if their Child is suffering from any of the following conditions: a. Temperature of 100 degrees F or more b. Vomiting or diarrhoea c. Pink Eye, which might be due to contagious viral infections d. Body rashes, especially with a fever e. chronic cough f. injury that needs a medical opinion.

At what age do you admit Children in Nursery?

The admission process for Nursery at Arafah International School begins when the child is 2 years 10 months old.

What are some important dates that I must keep in mind regarding AIS's admission process?

Parents are notified regarding the admission process at the end of our current academic year. At AIS, admissions are open from the month of December.

Do you have residential/boarding facilities at your School?

We are a day school and currently have no residential or boarding facilities.

How often can parents meet the teachers to discuss on their child's academic performance?

Every academic year has two Parent-Teacher meetings, where the parents get to meet class teachers and as well as the other subject teachers in assessing the Child's performance. The parents can take appointments to meet the teachers any-time if required, throughout the academic year.

What are the language courses offered in AIS?

Students are formally introduced to read and write English, Hindi, Kannada and Arabic languages. Spoken Arabic is also taught to the Children in school, where the language teachers communicate with them in Arabic language.

How skilled are your teachers?

Our teachers are very well qualified and posses exceptional knowledge in their respective field of Education. They are dedicated, caring and have a strong passion for teaching, great communication skills, engaging personality and expressive teaching style.

Does learning happen outside the classroom?

Yes, we conduct lots of activities every year outside their Classroom like Charity drives, Sample planting projects, Educational field trips and lot more to help the Children get extensive knowledge in societal welfare and interpersonal development skills.

Is involving and achieving outside academics encouraged and supported?

Yes, we encourage our Students to involve and achieve in various extracurricular activities. With the praise of god, notably this year we were crowned as the Champions at ITF National Level Taekwondo Championship with 28 medals.

What is the value system of the school?

AIS strives to create global citizens with academic excellence and deep rooted spiritual values, so as to make a positive difference in the world they live.