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The strong academic and islamic background we provide will help the children to graduate successfully and take their place in society, as Muslim professionals who will not only serve as role models for generations of Muslims to come, but also as intelligent and thoughtful citizens who will contribute their best to their nation.
We offer an exceptional education on par with the top private schools, not only Islamic schools. We believe the development of the child is integrated into the curriculum emphasize on key skills such as reading, writing, and Mathematics

Education in India is highly dependent on the curriculum and most parents choose schools based on the syllabus it offers rather than the kind of education imparted by the school. Being one of the most prominent CBSE schools in Bangalore, Arafah’s teachers specialize in helping the curriculum reach Students in the most engaging and systematic manner possible.

Since its inception in 1952, the main objective of CBSE curriculum is to provide the schools and students with a balanced education that regulates the nation’s cultural and geographical mobility through shared academic experience. The syllabus is well-designed and the subject contents are constantly revised to keep the students up-to-date with the curriculum.

The Syllabus is designed and maintained by NCERT (National Council for Education Research in Training) team, who are pioneers in their subjects and are directly under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. At Arafah International School, our highly trained and experienced teachers aim to continuously optimize the students’ learning experience and help AIS stand as the best CBSE School in Bangalore.


• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• General Knowledge – Current Affairs
• Kannada
• Hindi
• Computer Science
• Public Speaking
• Arts & Crafts

We believe that learning extends beyond classroom and offer a range of enrichment activities. These activities help the pupils learn new skills, develop their confidence, teamwork, and communication skills. Our activities comprise of:

• Charity Drives
• Plantation Project
• First Aid Workshops
• Cleanliness Project
• Science Projects
• Fire Drill
• Pottery
• House Competitions
• Educational Trips


We also provide an Islamic environment for Muslim students with morning assembly sessions, in which the day starts with Surah Fatiha and Duas to create positive vibes within the student. We incorporate Islamic holidays within our academic calendar.
The subjects of Islamic Education are:

• Quran – Nazirah with Tajweed (Reading)
• Quran – Hifz (Memorization).
• Islamic Studies – Tawheed, Adhaab & Akhlaq, Biography of the Sahabas, Quranic Stories, Wudu and Salah Workshops, Islamic General Knowledge and Stories of the Prophets.
• Arabic Language – Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


“I have been sent to complete the nobility of character”
– Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

At Arafah International School, our main focus is on our student’s Akhlaq. We strongly believe in building the character of a student along with their formal education. There is a specific system which is designed only for disciplining the students. We follow it strictly and we have seen wonderful results in the students. There is a strong team who are experts in this field, who work as counsellors, and peer mediators. There are many innovative techniques used by this department to reform a child when it is necessary. Every child is different, keeping this in mind, the team works on tailor made sessions according to the type of issues and the child